The book

A Complicated Love – a straight father, a gay son and lessons from a road trip.
Get ready for a shift of mind.

A Complicated Love

A Complicated Love

A Complicated Love [200 pages – 38,000 words] is a true story about my relationship and the road trip conversations I had with Jared, my son. You will be exposed to the fears, taboos and judgments that I had about gay people and the steps I took to come face to face with my own assumptions and beliefs in order to understand Jared and engage meaningfully with him.

Buy the e-book now [available in 10 formats – e.g. for Kindle, PDF, LRF for Sony reader etc] at and we will send you an e-copy of :
1- In search of my gay gene
– The nature versus nurture question by Dene Rossouw [28 pages] and
2- Religion, the Bible and homosexuality
– Towards a more gay-friendly Bible by Dene Rossouw [13 pages].

If you want the paper version of the book, please go to A Complicated Love and email me. Please type “A Complicated Love” in the subject line and we’ll let you know when the book is published – due end Dec, 2009. ~ Dene Rossouw


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