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A father and son journey towards understanding diversity and each other. Beautifully written and profoundly honest. A heart-warming story of love and acceptance.
Cherie MacLeod – Executive Director, PFLAG Canada

A Complicated Love gives me hope that despite our stereotypes, we have the capacity within us to shift our focus and truly relate from our inner being. Dene Rossouw tells a wonderful story of how unconditional love for his son, Jared, allowed him to overcome barriers and grow closer to him. Families can learn a lot from this powerful book.
Stephen Hammond Author of Managing Human Rights at Work.

Love and courage drive a father and son to deeply understand each others’ worlds. Through understanding and respecting one another’s differences, their example provides hope for disconnected relationships.
Sharon Habib – Communication Strategist.

A Complicated Love is a compelling read. As the relationship between father and son unfolds through frank and revealing dialogue, it packs an emotional punch. Dene and Jared share their poignant journey of discovery – each man ultimately learning that by letting go of old baggage they open their hearts and minds to accept each other. I am the parent of a gay son, but I recommend this book to any parent; at its core is the enduring message of love in its purest form.
Tracey Wimperly – Principal at Walk the Talk Communications

Have just got through some of the readings these past few days. One of the most impactful was Jared’s letter to you. Thank you, thank you for sharing that with us. Incredible.
Carol Cook

I just read the letter from your son. The letter made me very emotional and the journey you and your son have been on is very touching. Thank you for sharing it with us.
Stephanie Walsh

Thank you so much for sharing this very personal and powerful story.
Nancy Drab Executive, Leadership & Personal Coach


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  1. I have just read A Complicated Love , It made me laugh and it made me cry I work with Jared so i can imagine him saying some of them things more than others ..I think it is a real nice book showing the Love and courage of father and son , I think there should be more people like jared in this world he is one of the most loving caring person i have ever met , and i no it must have been really hard on him coming out with the fact he was gay , but the book does you both justice well done x

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